I had almost abondoned blogging. So had I with fullhyd. But I started blogging somewhere else again earlier in August this year, after about 2 years . That blog is very general in character.

I wish to start writing the same old stuff that i used to in 2005-06. & very casually I googled this blog & felt happy to find it too. I read a couple of my old posts and felt like writing here again. But, do iIremember my username & password? Surprisingly after two attempts, I seem to be successful. My memory seems to be in good condition.

I had made an attempt to start writing here once in 2007 too but could not hang on to it. So in all its true sense, this is my second comeback.But the new feel & look of this site makes me want to write here. Hope this attempt doesn`t loose its vigour any sooner.

I have to mention here, a very important role that this site has played in my life. Back in 2005 when I was blogging here, I used to have a regular visitor to my posts. She used to like my writing very much. We exchanged emails, bought each others coffees, vodkas and then one day exchanged vows.

Such is the might & glory of this website & this blog. Lemme see if I can return to my innocent musings  here again. !!!


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What is the most clich

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One long sabbath it was, wasn`t it. On popular demand, I am cuming back.With more to share, more to learn, more to write.

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This note might not interest people who do not live by rules. I do not live by rules either. But for this something or that another we all have certain rules which we would not want to break. Like Carrie always has a rule that she will not sleep with any guy on her first date with him. Betty has certain rules about men and so does Lamina. Chris never wanted to be involved with any girl physically until he was sure that he is going to marry her. That was his rule. All of us have some rules, some of us know them and some know them only subconsciously.

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All is fine now. But sure as many of us have rules, that many of us have broken them at some point or another. Do we break them on purpose or are we cornered by our deluges to break them? Going by things that have been happening of late, looks like there is an eternal paradox and a terminal curse to mankind. That whether ourselves or due to certain series of occurring which some of us call fate, we keep breaking our rules as if it

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Hey apologies all.Due to certain personal issues I had to withdraw the heartbreak hotel post.I value all your comments. Thanks  for your continous reading.


Lots of exciting things cuming up.

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Do you know what is the greatest phrase ever invented in the universe of shopping? No, its not,

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Being single can be a wonderfully fun and option-filled lifestyle. And my today

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I suddenly seem to wake up to the fact that most of my friends are either getting married or involved enough with someone to get married soon .A sudden call from an old friend of mine yesterday put me in total frenzy. This guy works in Mumbai. On the face of planet earth, I would presume that he would be the last guy who would get into marriage and love and all that so soon. He is one of those who would rather fall in bed than in love. And how soon?

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Frank hoped that Betty has FINALLY found someone and not found someone again. His name was Roy. He was Betty

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The history of man as I feel is a cauldron of audacities,cowardice,wisdom, foolishness, righteousness, greed of a few handfuls of people. Some known some unknown. The history of this planet since the time Adam ate the apple has been a function of power. The need of power. The right to power. The survival of the powerful. These handful of mortals made it sure that this is the only cause for all that is around us.

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God knows what India would be like if vasco had not discovered it for the west.Indians probably wouldn`t have been oppressed by the British.I wonder what kind of life  the barman in cuba would  be leading if that country wasn`t taken up my Fidel castro.The  serb farmer would probably have grown wheat instead of mines if it weren`t for  Slobodan Milosevic and his Yougaslavian National Army.Che Guvera was killed else argentina wouldn`t have been a thrid world country.If Min ho wasn`t influenced by Marx, China would probably be the biggest super power long long back.But for Hitler, we wouldn`t know about two towns in Japan

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Pooh: hey

Pooh: around fora bit?

Frank: all around!

Pooh: ok

Pooh: Joseph was here for interview

Frank: k

Pooh: said u r a good frnd?

Pooh: what is 'k'

Pooh: am asking u

Frank: ya

Frank: k is short for OK

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Pooh: i know that

Pooh: i meant is he really a good frnd

Pooh: as he said he was

Frank: he is a friend

Pooh: ok!

Pooh: is he good to hire?


Frank: yes ofcourse

Frank: he is smart

Pooh: ok...

Frank: but i do not vouch for that on a prfessional count!I know him in person and he is a good chap.

Pooh: will catch u again in a bit, the next candidate is here.....

Pooh: ok, thats good enough.......

Pooh: u around for 1/2 hr? will be back..

Frank : go ahead

Pooh: am back!

Frank: ohio ghozimus

Pooh: whats that now

Frank: ha ha ha! japenese for hello!

Pooh: hmmm

Pooh: u scare me with new terms all the time

Pooh: english itself i dont know what u speak

Pooh: and u talk other languages too

Pooh: anywayz.......how u doin???

Frank: freezing!

Pooh: ayyo...why

Pooh: btw Sandy  called me on sat

Frank  : cause my new workstaion is right in front of the AC duc!

Pooh: the way he asked me abt my marriage i felt he already knew the answers

Frank: k

Pooh: but anyways, i still told him.....

Pooh: he said he took my no. from u......

Frank: he did,

Pooh: hmmm

Frank: he is one of the fewe monks who don`t sell thier Ferraries.

Pooh: i didnt read that book so pls to translate

Frank: the books is abt this lawyer who due to aspiritual crisis confronts the conditions of his life and then embarks on a journey in search of purpose and peace

Frank  : anyways..i meant abt sandy in a diff way.

Pooh: bit busy.....gimme a few mins

Frank: time was never mine..you can take all that you want.

Pooh: what else yaar! how ARE u?

Pooh: I still get worried sometimes

Pooh: when I think of u.....

Frank: does the capilaised "ARe" have any connotation?

Pooh: hmmm

Pooh: emphasis

Pooh: how do u REALLY feel...is what i meant

Pooh: btw

Pooh: if u hate my asking u such questions so often

Pooh: i wont do it

Frank: its ok

Pooh: coz its probably a path that i dont have right to tread on

Pooh: i am kind of scared to ask u also sometimes

Pooh: but care too much @ it to let go

Pooh: i just want to know that u are fine.....

Pooh: and somehow dont get that feeling sometimes

Pooh: maybe if u tell me emphatically enuf

Pooh: i'll stop bugging.....

Frank: alright..let me tell you ....... it is difficult.

Frank: Life is one damn thing after another and we cant stop to think aout everything but love isnt that way!

Frank: if you know what i mean.....you love only once...i loved then and you love now.

Pooh: yes. its hard....

Pooh: but I want u to be strong...to come out strong

Pooh: and to not be sad.

Pooh: i know it might seem like its very easy to say.

Pooh: but there is so much to life, so many challenges, joys and sorrows

Frank: yes there is

Frank: there is lot more to life

Pooh: if not this, it might have been sthg else for u....

Pooh: and u must emerge a strong individual

Pooh: success is different to different people

Pooh: and u are very individualistic now, with very strong opinions

Frank: tha s the sad part

Pooh: but u must live a full life and live it happily

Pooh: and happiness too cannot be urs alone

Pooh : everyone around u(at least the close ones) shld share ur happiness

Frank: it would neevr be complete for me!

Pooh: It will Frank. If you let it.

Pooh: And you must. Eventually.

Pooh :: I know that your feelings were very very strong and that you have been through hell.

Pooh: But when life made you go through so much, it will give you back good too....

Frank: give me what?

Frank: a foreign language

Pooh: Let the good things also happen to you. Be good and do good....

Pooh: didnt get that.....

Frank: never mind

Pooh: Please yaar.

Pooh: Why dont you want to give yourself another chance.

Pooh: You will be happy, you can achieve a lot in life.....

Frank: cause there isnt another!

Pooh :: There is, there always will be.

Pooh: You got to see them...you got to be open

Pooh: Do you think its nice to live this life in sorrow?

Frank: not after an unbroken succession of false situations

Pooh: come on yaar...

Pooh: pls....

Pooh: dont be so disillusioned with life...

Pooh : you are still young and way long ahead to go

Frank: I have lived half my life and the third act of the play looks badly written.

Pooh: Why Frank? Why Why Why

Pooh: there are things under your control also

Pooh: everything isnt written up there

Frank: nothing is written up there!

Frank: i wrote the third act miserably


Pooh: i dont know what to say yaar

Pooh : maybe i need to pray


Frank: neither wish for miracles nor make prayers..you know they dont work for me!

Pooh: Ok. But you need to get out of this depression

Pooh: it CANT go on forever

Frank : you dont have to

Pooh: u have to look FORWARD to life

Pooh: infinite possibilities exist in this world

Pooh: u cant hang on to one thing and let ur life stop there

Frank: i have not stopped from trying to do more in life.

Frank: it onlly that i cant feel complete with anything! so all my trials are towards being "almost complete"

Frank: i read, i write, i travel, i trek, i swim, i workout, i eat, i party, i work, i do all that a normal guy of my age does.

Frank: just that i do all of them without the vowels in them!

Pooh: ok...

Pooh: Dont know what else to say

Pooh: Except that pls open your mind

Pooh: try harder

Pooh: I want you to be happy

Frank: you cant be concerned abt me for long!

Pooh: I know...

Pooh: its not right to do that

Pooh: which is why I feel sometime

Pooh: s

Pooh: that I'd be much happier to know you are doing fine

Frank: andi want you not to get into this issue ever again!

Pooh: I dont get that feeling at all now...

Pooh:  ok

Frank: what feeling

Frank: anyways..this colleague of mine is waiting for me to join him for a fag. take care!chao!

Pooh: ok...

Pooh: take care yaar. pls.....

Pooh: Take Care!!!

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Suppose you're in a car wreck. You need another car, but instead of taking the next month researching makes, models, and prices, you rush out to the used car lot and pick out the first car you see. That`s rebound. But in turns out to be a damn nice car anyway, that

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